Getting an HIV Test: Three Easy Steps

APRI conducts rapid HIV testing as well as (Hepatitis C and Syphilis) through a project called Take Charge! Get Tested!  The goal is to make anonymous HIV testing quick, easy, and convenient for individuals, as well as couples in relationships (straight, gay, etc.), who want to know their HIV status. Here is how it works:

making a date in calendarStep 1
You either make an appointment or drop by our office at 9 Pleasant Street in Providence on any Monday (10 a.m.-1 p.m.),  Tuesday (4-6 p.m.), Thursday (4-6 p.m.), or Friday (10 a.m.-1 p.m.).  Note: You can contact us to arrange an appointment any weekday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.  Appointments can be made by e-mailing us at or calling Jordan Rego at 401-831-5522, ext. 3844.

 Step 2

Oral HIV testOn the day of your test, one of APRI’s licensed HIV test counselors will meet with you for about 30 minutes and ask you some questions, administer the rapid HIV test, and provide you with your test result. We use a painless rapid oral fluid HIV test. You will know your result by the end of your visit. This test does not require a blood draw or fingerstick (only hepatitis C and syphilis). Prior to coming in for your appointment, please refrain from eating and brushing/flossing your teeth for 30 minutes.

talking with a counselor Step 3
You are informed of your test result.  Since the rapid HIV test is used for screening purposes, if your test result is reactive (aka a
“preliminary positive”) we will provide you with counseling and arrange a confirmatory HIV test at The Miriam Hospital Immunology Center.  If your test result is non-reactive, there is no need for follow-up testing.  Check out HIV testing Questions & Answers to learn more.