AIDS Awareness Ornaments Available!

AIDS Awareness Ornaments raising awareness about HIV/AIDS

AIDS Project Rhode Island is pleased to offer AIDS awareness ornaments celebrating the season while raising consciousness about HIV/AIDS.

“These ornaments will raise greatly needed dollars for the fight against HIV/AIDS, and, we hope, will raise spirits and give hope during a season that can be a trying time for many,” said Stephen Hourahan, AIDS Project Rhode Island’s executive director.

He noted that the ornaments have been collected by many people for years. “This year we’re offering two new ones to add to collections. If you’ve been a collector, don’t miss out. Plus we offer earlier ornaments for sale as well at a reduced price.”

Ornament Inspired by Artist Keith Haring

The two new ones ($10 each) are: “Gift of Hope 2016,” which was inspired by the graffiti-art style of Keith Haring, a celebrated New York City-based artist. He was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988 and passed away from AIDS-related complications in 1990 at age 31. “Gift of Hope 2016” is fine porcelain with 24 karat gold accents, and shows a child opening a gift.

Also: “Gathering of Hope 2016,” which features a winter scene with angels around a tree. It is also fine porcelain with 24 karat gold accents.

How to Purchase Ornaments

To purchase the ornaments, please email or call Christion Battey at 401-831-5522. Please note, a shipping charge will be added for ornaments that need to be mailed out.  You may need to increase the zoom on your browser to better view each ornament.

The ornaments will also be available at Drag Bingo on December 15 at the Riviera Bingo Palace at 1612 Elmwood Avenue, Cranston, starting at 6 p.m.